Leave our dysfunction alone

Leave our dysfunction alone

Ours is a largely dysfunctional society. A friend who relocated back from Canada called it “organized chaos”. But do not be deceived, we like our dysfunction the way it is. Because it allows us to rile against the system while at the same time take advantage of it when it suits us.

A Nigerian driving one way will still wail against the problem of traffic congestion in Lagos. That he is a major contributor to that traffic congestion is completely lost on him. A Nigerian will create a third lane on the curb from a two-lane road while, at the same time, complaining about the quality of the road. He hates dysfunction, but will not hesitate to be dysfunctional.

A Nigerian will complain about the dysfunction of government officials not respecting COVID-19 guidelines that they set themselves while he is arranging for a fake COVID-19 test result to enable him to travel out without going through a test. You see, he hates dysfunction, but he just has no qualms about being dysfunctional when it suits his purpose.

A Nigerian will wail against the corruption of politicians and public officers, while at the same time he is padding invoices or stealing cooperative funds left in his care. You see, he hates corruption when he is not the beneficiary, but he excuses corruption when he or his kin will benefit from it.

Sometimes when I am truly fed up, I raise my hands and say ‘I give up’. We like our dysfunction, we love our chaos, we adore our corruption, we wear it with pride because at the core, that is who we really are. Quite simply, we like to eat our cake and have it at the same time.

Thank God all I said above was a dream. I’m awake now.