How to Trend on Social Media

How to Trend on Social Media

A friend once asked me “What do I need to do to trend on Social Media?” I said, "Say or do something salacious or controversial". I noticed her confusion. Seeing that she is a cerebral person, she was expecting to hear, ‘Research and articulate your points bla bla bla’. If only she knew.

The state of play on social media is that most people are not interested in learning or being informed. They are rather interested in being “Entertained”. So, your doctoral thesis lined up in a thread projects no interest to the majority unless you are already an influencer or you are able to mix it up with some controversy.

However, don’t let your focus be solely on trending. Let it be also about providing premium quality content on your Timeline. You might think people are not reading it, but trust me they are and one day, you will get the recognition you deserve for the material you churn out.

I know everyone likes to be liked. But whether it is 1 or 2 or 9 likes you get, don’t be discouraged or tempted to change your language to salacious or controversial material just so you will be noticed. Stay in your lane and trust YOU! Because no one can be YOU better than YOU!

Lastly, it is called Social Media for a reason and not Corporate Media or Traditional Media. So, it helps to make your language simple and not complex. It helps to learn how to tell a story and it helps to know how to mix your tweets, threads and post with humour.