Dear Daughter by Yewande Ogunnubi

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Thus far, recriminations

Over the years, scarifications

Through it all, discriminations

I carry them in my lashes looking down always in submission

I carry them in my tongue twisting when I so desperately want to defend myself

I carry them in where I am allowed to go and when I am allowed to go

I carry them in my inability to count the coins of my hard labour

I have wondered many times “Is this all?”

I have searched the meaning of life and asked “Is this all?”

I have tasted bile and guile thinking “Is this all?”

Then you came, dear daughter

It was a mixed feeling of fear and hope

You came through my pain;

My pain of limited opportunities

My pain of failed expectations

My pain of rejection and abuse

My pain of forced union

My travail of nonentity

As I sat in the corner of my sparse life, I dreamt many dreams

I dreamt of days when I will have freedom to choose

I dreamt of a time when I will wake without trembling

I dreamt of people and places I wish I knew

I dreamt of a life different from the one I have

Dear Daughter, now that you are here, I will dream through you

I will teach you what they refused to teach me

I will show you what was hidden from me

I will love you with affection I never experienced

I will push you on and not pull you back like I was

Oh! How I dream…

Though afraid and unsure, my dreams for you are many

I dream that you will rule your world; whichever one you desire to build for yourself

I dream that you will be unstoppable; whatever height you set your sights on

I dream that you will be unforgettable; making your mark in the world through your gifts and talents

I dream that you will be free; not conforming to any standard but yours. Standards you have set for yourself by reason of knowledge and wisdom

I dream that you will be happy; whatever happiness means for you

I dream that you will be fulfilled; emptying yourself before you leave this world

My hope for you is that you believe in yourself much more than I believe in you

Dear Daughter, you are my dream; now I will live through you.

As we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child, be determined that girls around you will have a better deal than you have had. It starts with Em-Power-Ment. Teach, train, mentor, love, lift every girl that comes your way. #DayoftheGirl


Yewande Ogunnubi is a Gender Consultant, Story Teller & Entrepreneur – Making change count for women and girls!. You can follow her on twitter via @wendypendy2000

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