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Alternative Stories

There are situations you face in life where it's fitting to apply Alternative Stories so you can focus on the major and forgo the minor. Like when someone cuts you off in traffic. You can create an alternative story that he either has an emergency, or he has a bad case of diarrhoea....

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Open Letter to Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwoolu

Let me use this opportunity to write an open letter to our in-coming Governor in Lagos. @jidesanwoolu.First, I must congratulate you on your election as Governor. You campaigned hard for the position and you convinced many to put aside their reservations to vote for you. Kudos. That said, it is...

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Why you suck at Personal Finance!

Apologies Okay I admit!If this was somekind of a doctorate essay, that title above would already earn me a straight “F”. Using the word “suck” in a supposedly formal conversation is really not professional. I know. But I have been sitting down here at my keyboard thinking of a better...

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