About Me

I am a passionate man with diversified interests and commitments.

First, I am a finance professional with extensive experience in corporate treasury and finance spanning 15 years who has developed interest over time in personal finance for application in my home and personal life.

My first book “Honey is it in the budget?” and other tools created by me have helped several families gather the knowledge and forge the mindsets required for the optimal management of their personal and family finances. I have also developed tools that helps SMEs manage their financial reporting needs.

I am also very committed to the mentorship and development of men, with the aim of redefining the warped idea of manhood and coaching younger men into being responsible men, fathers and nation builders. I am able to execute this as the convener of TheMan Network a community of men committed to learning, unlearning and relearning in order to live the best value driven lives possible.

A Family Man
An Author.
A Speaker

I am passionate about Nigeria and National Development and commit time to mentoring many young social commentators, entrepreneurs and bloggers. This passion also reflects in my support for causes such as the AdoptACamp project as well as the BringBackOurGirls Initiative amongst others. I believe that if each one made a commitment to change and acted on it within their spheres of influence, we would slowly be on the way to building a better nation.

I am an avid sports lover and an ardent supporter of Arsenal Football Club and when I am not engaging in several engaging discourses on social media, I am glad to spend the time with my amazing family.

I am happily married to Yewande, a lawyer and development worker and our marriage is blessed with two lovely children.